How It All Began


Andra’s Hand began as a non-profit foundation created in loving memory of Andra Lynne Lazarus.

Andra devoted her life to her family. When her grandson Matthew was diagnosed with Autism, she quickly became one of his greatest supporters. She took great pride in all her grandchildren’s achievements, but she was especially proud of how hard Matthew worked each day for every achievement both big and small. Matthew was fortunate to be blessed with supportive family and friends, but Andra recognized that not all families affected by autism had the same opportunities. She also understood that many of these families were in need of resources.

Andra’s Hand was created to carry on the legacy of Andra Lazarus by offering assistance to the community in the manner which she supported her own family.

Our Programs

Our Board of Directors


Mr. Harvey Lazarus, Founder

Mr. Eric Lazarus, Chairman

Mrs. Deborah Lazarus, President

Ms. Rachel Lazarus, Secretary

Mr. Mark Zand, Treasurer

Mr. Joshua Lazarus, Communications Director

Dr. David Reitman

Dr. Danielle Norona Bloecker

Dr. Seth Gottlieb

Dr. Jackie Schwartz

Dr. Tiffany Aronson

Ms. Stacey Hoaglund

Mrs. Caroline Weissman

Mr. Joel Weissman

Mrs. Linda Lazarus

Mr. Jeffrey Sopshin

Mrs. Anne Sopshin

Mr. Jeff Zbar

Mrs. Lesli Heyser

Ms. Elizabeth Hyatt

Ms. Debbie Shacter

Mrs. Wendy Carroll